Embrace The Narcissism

For some reason my parents were less than thrilled when I told them my idea for a blog name. After I had spent days and days wondering how I could perfectly put into words what I’m trying to convey — that I’m a 20 something girl in the city trying to navigate through life and I want/need people to listen to me. Hence, “My Narcisisstic Life” seemed a perfect fit.

The idea of narcissism gets thrown around a lot lately. Especially negatively. And it makes sense when we live in a generation where I feel like I’m going to have an anxiety attack if I don’t get a picture of me and this fresh farmhouse salad to Instagram ASAP. I’m not saying this behavior should be the norm, probably far from it. But I am saying there should be more acceptance in letting people find their own way to communicate who they are in the world.

What people choose to wear, choose to eat, choose to watch, choose to listen to and especially what they choose to create are all projections of who they are. So who am I to judge if someone’s desires lie within getting the perfect selfie? That is what they are choosing to put out in the world and we make a choice to either accept or reject it. Not agreeing with someone’s views is perfectly fine but what I’m saying is… maybe don’t quiet them. And most importantly, don’t quiet your own. People are so unique and can give so much to the world if we let them. We are always going to learn something about ourselves from letting in others’ ideas, whether we agree or disagree with them. 

If I wound’t have built a birdhouse in my 7th grade shop class when the assignment was to create a bookshelf then… maybe I would have been an architect. Maybe. And maybe I’d be creating these incredible structures for people to marvel at and try to understand. And that would be my way of communicating my ideas to the world. But I write. Not that I’m comparing my blog posts to the Eiffel Tour but you get it. Everyone has their own voice and instead of trying to silence it, we should be applauding that they have found their own unique way to convey it.

So go out there and take a selfie with your next meal. Or don’t. But embrace the idea that you can if you want. Embrace the growth. Embrace the weirdness. Embrace the abrasiveness. Embrace the narcissism. 

(How about that salad though?)


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