Why Being an Older Sister to a Younger Brother is the Best

I remember when my parents told me they were having another baby, they asked me what I wanted… Did I want a little sister or a little brother? I was soooooo sure that I wanted a little brother…until the day they brought him home. I’ve always been the type of person to want what I can’t have and when it was clear there was no going back after they brought Matthew home, I coudn’t stop thinking about how I would never have a little sister to grow up doing all those obnoxious, girly things with me (WAH). It may have taken a little adjusting but here’s why having a little brother turned out to be the one of the best things to ever happen to me (and him, to be honest):

1. They usually still let you do all the girly things to them

Matthew was still my real life Barbie doll. I remember coming upstairs to the shrieks of my mother because Matthew had coverered his whole body (literally head to toenail) in purple nail polish. I still plead the fifth but I mayyyyy have encouraged the experiment. It was a rough week of first grade for him. 

2. They will be your first lesson in what it’s like to be over-protective 

An older sister and younger brother is a very unique dynamic. Usually the males of the family are always the ones who are expected to be over-protective buuuuuuut I cannot really explain the feeling you get when your baby brother stays home alone for the first time, or goes to his first party, or orders his first shot at a bar LEGALLY 😳. It’s different, I imagine, than being an older brother to a younger sister because I’m not so much worried about his safety… It’s just shocking to me that the 4 year old who used to tell me knock knock jokes about cows shitting themselves could now possibly have the mental maturity to do all these things. Great (and terrifying) learning lesson.

3. They won’t steal your make up and clothes (hopefully)

As long as you don’t count the time my brother dressed up as a girl for Halloween and looked better in my homecoming dress than I did, this is a big plus.

4. Hearing them gab about their love life is painfully adorable

Again, I imagine this has to be completely different for an older brother and younger sister as I know my older brother would probably want to blow his brains out for multiple reason after hearing the details of why I think the bartender at Chili’s didn’t text me back… Hearing a guy’s perspective on dating is always so fun and so sweet and usually so genuine. And then when it’s your itty bitty wittle brother ❀️❀️❀️… I DIE.

5. They will admire you in a way that no one else ever will

To get all sappy – no one will ever look up to you the way your baby brother does. It’s not just the normal admiration that you give to every sibling, it’s a different kind of love. Maybe it’s because we aren’t just brothers or just sisters so there isn’t that aspect of competition – but he is my biggest fan. I can do no wrong. He is always asking me for my opinion whether it’s about his essay for speech class or the ugly shoes he definitely shouldn’t buy. There is no woman I would rather strive to be than the woman my little brother thinks I am.

6. At the end of the day, they’re dudes not girls 

I’ll admit that hearing a girl describe themselves as a “guys girl” makes me cringe… But it’s true! (I make myself cringe constantly, so that’s alright.) I’ve never been much into the really girly things (except for no chip manicures πŸ’πŸ’…πŸ‘„πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ€—!!!!!!!!!!!!) And yes, I’m sure being so ungirly probably does have something to do with growing up with brothers and no sisters. It probably also correlated with my obsession to wear carpenter jeans from the boys’ section at Target all through elementary school… As wonderful as I think having a sister could be…heh… I wouldn’t change a thing. 

(SIDE NOTE – I googled little brother/older sister relationships while finishing up this article and found that pretty much every older sister has written some version or another of this πŸ™„πŸ™„. That is slightly annoying but also completely validates the point of this article – little brothers are theeeeeee best.)

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