How to Be With the Wandering Girl

Know that it’s not you, it’s her

It can be easy to mistake her need for always wandering and always searching as her thinking that nothing she has is good enough. It can be easy to think that you aren’t good enough. But she is not searching for something better, she is searching for ways to better herself. She wants to be the best version of herself and put that fully into every relationship she chooses to be apart of. 

Be aware that she’s never going to be the put together type

Her hair will hardly ever be done, she’ll have a slew of odd jobs, she probably can’t cook, and she’ll usually be able to fit everything she owns into the back of a car. Her life is based around convenience and being able to get up and go at the drop of a hat, so she won’t be spending a lot of time and money on anything conventional. 

Tell her how you feel

She can be a selfish jerk; always doing her own thing and seeming to never think of you in the process. And if she hurts your feelings, let her know. If you’re in her life, it’s for a reason. Don’t let her get away with not showing you that. 

Have your own life

It may seem that with her ever changing moves and lifestyles, she would want someone to cater to her. But that’s not the case. She wants a partner, not a servant. She wants someone she can come to and share stories of what they’ve seen and what they’ve learned. She wants to see you live, too.

Don’t mistake her independence for confidence

A girl who is always on her own can seem intimidating. She can seem like the type who doesn’t need anyone or anything. But she is still just a girl. She can still get hurt and she can still wonder what you want and she can still crave affection. Her ability to be okay with being alone is a security blanket but her connections with others is what actually makes her secure. 

Make the most of the time you spend together

She won’t care about the superficial things. She spends her whole life yearning for new experiences and life changing moments, so fancy dinners and expensive gifts mean very little to her. When she’s with you, she is with you. Try not to think of yourself as a pause from her whirlwind of a life, but as another journey she 100% wants to take.

It’s not easy to be with someone who is constantly bouncing around from job to job and city to city and life to life… But if you can find a way to let her love and to let her live, then you will be her greatest adventure. 
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